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Mother-in-Law Nightmare

My mother-in-law is a nightmare: literally!  I had an awful dream about her last night, how she was snappy and mean to me! 

In real life, she’s fine.  I wouldn’t say a dream mother-in-law, but pleasant enough.

I think this stemmed from a conversation I had with her last week.  I had met up with her and my sister-in-law for lunch, and my mother-in-law felt the need to remind me that my husband, HER son, works very hard, and that I need to take good care of him.  She proceeded to grill me about whether or not I’ve been cooking, what I’ve been cooking, if he gets enough to eat, if he’s healthy, etc.  She was decently pleasant about it, albeit incredibly annoying.

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!! is what I was thinking in my head as I smiled politely back at her…

How do all you wives out there deal with your in-laws?


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Well, I work, too!

Probably the thing I hate most about being a housewife is the loss of leverage in fighting with Yuppie Husband.  I am new housewife, and a sometimes lazy one, so no, the house is not always clean and the dishes sometimes wait in the sink for Yuppie Husband to come home.  When I was working, I always had “Well, I work, too!” to fall back on.  These days, I really don’t have much of an excuse. 

However, I hate it, absolutely despise it, when Yuppie Husband pulls out “I work all week, make money for us and all you do is sleep in and do nothing all day.”  It just simply isn’t true.  I do a lot during the day.  I might not always be doing the chores of a typical “housewife”, but I certainly am occupying my time somehow.  I can see his point, but still…I resent it.  I am not a live-in maid, I am not a hired chef, I am not a laundromat.  Plus, our current living situation is temporary, as we search for a suitable house to move in to.  What is the point of cooking, cleaning, maintaining this temporary apartment???  In any case, yes, I suppose I need to step up and become a better housewife. 

But, why does society so dramatically discount the role of a housewife?  Why does being the breadwinner earn so much respect, but a housewife is “just a housewife”?  Isn’t cooking, cleaning, laundry, scheduling just as, if not more, difficult?  What about gift-buying and card-sending for birthdays and holidays?  Home decoration, closet organization, photo storage and archival?  The list goes on!  There are so many random little things that need to be done around the house, and half the time husbands don’t seem to know or care where anything is or should be!  Running a household seems very much like running a small office.  Not a small undertaking!

Again, maybe I should go back to work…

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Grass is Greener Girl

Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog and first post!  I hope you enjoy my random musings and adventures as I explore my new life as a yuppie housewife. 

How did I get here?  Being the good little Asian girl that I am, I pleased my parents, studied hard and got good grades, went to college and on to grad school, and instead of choosing the fun life of being a professional student, found a high-paying job in an infamous skyscraper in an infamous city skyline.  While I did enjoy the professional satisfaction corporate America had to offer, I spent my days dreaming of my true career aspiration: being a housewife. Lazy days at home, cooking, cleaning, watching Oprah and Martha Stewart, home decorating…what a great life!

When I met my now-husband, that dream started to realize.  Husband was fine with me not having a “career”, and encouraged me to find something I loved instead.  So, we got married, I left my job, and I now spend my time keeping house and cultivating my hobbies.  I’m one of the lucky ones – a loving, supportive husband, and the freedom to flit and float about until I find my true calling.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not against women having professional careers, and I certainly don’t plan to spend all day every day sitting at home cooking and cleaning.  I do plan to have a “career” of some sort, though likely not in the corporate world.  A life as a Lady of Leisure would be nice, but that unfortunately requires other Ladies of Leisure friends! =P

Thus far, being a “housewife” has been wonderful.  There really aren’t that many house chores each day, so I mostly spend my time researching, scrapbooking, bugging Yuppie Husband at work… =P  Yesterday, though, I experienced my first bout of crazed boredom.  I was busy all day with laundry and much-needed spring cleaning.  Yuppie Husband came home early and brought work with him to do while watching the Lakers game.  There he was, sitting on the couch, half-watching and half-working, and there I was, sitting on the couch, checking my e-mail AGAIN, reading various design and wedding blogs AGAIN, checking my facebook AGAIN.  0 new e-mails, 0 new posts, 0 new fb updates.  It dawned on me: I was BORED.  I literally had nothing to do, and that can be a very maddening state of being. 

So, maybe the yuppie in me will always be there, nudging me to pursue corporate America success.   Maybe housewife life really isn’t for me.  Maybe eventually my boredom and society’s concept of success will push me back into the office.  Maybe once I get there, I will long for housewife days gone by. 

In the end, I’m just a grass-is-greener girl, exploring the crossover territory of yuppie to housewife.

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