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Registry Galore

Hello world! Sorry it has been so long – I’ve been busy, and realized that I’m not much of a blogger. But, once in a while, I feel inspired. Hope you will still check in every so often =)

Lately, I have been loving all of my new kitchen gadgets, courtesy of our wedding registry and gift cards. It took me a LONG time to sort through all the items we received, figure out what we wanted to keep, what we didn’t really need, what else we wanted to buy, where to buy it, etc.

Through the process, I’ve been experimenting with different kitchen electrics and gadgets, and am just having the best time!

Here are my reviews of some of the items I’ve tried thus far:

The It List
1. Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker, 1.5 Quart – This machine is AWESOME! I absolutely love it. It is so easy to use! I’ve been just using the base ingredients for vanilla ice cream, and then adding different mix-ins to create different flavors. This is definitely one of those items you don’t really need, but is super fun to have!
2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer – I just experimented with this today. I have been coveting this glorious mixer for years, and finally got in the limited edition Candy Apple Red. It is so beautiful! I brought it out today to use and realized it is HEAVY! I am finding it a little difficult to make sure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed (scraping down the bowl is kind of annoying because the beater gets in the way), and my machine seems to make a strange and loud whirring sound (is this normal?), but I still love it because it allows me to step away and do something else, and it is just so gosh-darn beautiful!
3. OXO Over and In-Sink Colander – This is so incredibly useful. I always used to stack my colanders into a bigger bowl because the thought of the bottom of the colander touching the sink grosses me out (even if I just scrubbed the sink and even if the colander has little feet). I love that this can just balance over the sink and I can pour things right in (like pasta!) without having to worry about the colander tipping over. The arms fold in, which is great for storage, but it is still a little large.
4. Vitamix – This wasn’t actually a registry item, but it’s a great item to have! It really does blend anything! For example, I’ve heard that grape seeds are really good for you, but who wants to swallow whole grape seeds? I just stick the grapes into the Vitamix to make a smoothie, and it’ll grind those little seeds right up! Same with flax seeds! I have even made powdered sugar using regular sugar! What I don’t like about it is that it is big, and just a pain to wash in our not so big sink. It’d be nice is they made a smaller blender option to use if you’re making smaller portions.
5. Automatic Can Opener – Another item I’ve been dying to have. I have the Cuisinart stainless steel version, but I’m sure any kind will do just find. It is so nice not having to wrestle with the hand turning type.
6. Silicon Oven Mitts – I love these!  They don’t stay on as well as regular oven mitts, and you definitely lose dexterity, but they are cute and make me feel super protected!
7. OXO Angled Measuring Cup – I used to do all my backing with just the different sized measuring cups, but it was annoying because if I needed the same measurement for a solid and a liquid, I would have to either use a different sized measuring cup a few times, or wash and dry it.  I love having the angled measuring cups just for liquids.  It really does allow you to read the measurements from the top without having to bend down to eye level!

The Not-It List
1. Cuisinart Griddler – I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but since then, we have returned it. It was just a huge hassle, messy, and did not heat evenly. There is a reason why Williams-Sonoma only carries the Breville kind! I ended up just buying a small pannini press plate, which works well for us because we really don’t make panninis that often!
2. Avocado Slicer – Useless.   Sounds cool, but does not give those beautiful slices you see in restaurants.

The Not-So-Sure List
1. Waring Pro Waffle Maker – I used this once, thinking it would be a lot of fun to be able to serve fresh waffles.  It is supposed to beep when the waffles are done (how it knows, I have no idea), but I had trouble getting it to cook the waffles to the right point.  I tried a few different temperature settings, but they were all either too soft/gooey, or too crispy.  I think I’m going to give it another try with a different recipe before giving up on it.  Again, there may be a reason why Williams-Sonoma does not carry this brand anymore.  I thought it was cool because it rotates 180 degrees, but perhaps the Breville waffle maker is a better buy.
2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer – I know, I know – this is listed under The It List, too.  Well, I’m still working out the kinks, and figuring out the best way to use it, so for now, it’ll stay on both lists =)

Hope that helps some of you out there!  I would love to get your thoughts on these and other items, too!


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How To: Delightful Ice Cream Sandwiches

I made these ice cream sandwiches and brought them to a dinner yesterday, and they were a hit.  They are very easy to make, and make a big impact!  I normally make them with these special Tovolo Ice Cream Sandwich Molds (which I love!  I have a cow, a pig and a star), but they are currently packed away in my storage space (aka my parents’ house!) as we prepare for our move.  So, I decided to try it out with cookie cutters (a heart and a star).  Although not quite as easy as with the molds, and you don’t get the cute imprint on top of the sandwich, the cookie cutters seemed to work just fine.  I’m still working on my photography skills, so bear with me!

Cookie Cutters Tovolo Ice Cream Sandwich Molds 


  • Difficulty: easy 
  • Time: about 15 minutes (not including baking time)
  • Ingredients: brownie, ice cream
  • Tools: Cookie Cutter(s)
  • Calories: who cares??

Step 1: Make the brownie.  You can make your own from scratch, or use a box.  Either way, use a slightly larger pan than the recipe calls for so that the brownie will be thinner than usual (about 1/2 inch thick), and decrease the baking time by a few minutes.  Let the brownie cool before using the cookie cutters.  (Do not cut the brownie into squares!)  Once cooled, proceed to Step

Step 2: Time to whip out the cookie cutters!  Start cutting out your shapes in pairs, and placing them aside.  Once you have sufficient pairs of each shape, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Ice cream, ice cream!  We all scream for ice cream!  Take the ice cream out of the freezer.  Place your cookie cutter on a small plate, and spoon the ice cream into the center of the cutter.  Use the back of the spoon to pack the ice cream into the cutter.  Add more ice cream as necessary so that the entire cutter is filled with ice cream, and the top is flat and smooth.  Next, on to assembly!

Step 4: Time to assemble!  To assemble the sandwich, take one set of your brownie shapes and set it onto a flat work surface.  Place one of the shapes down, and then place your ice-cream-filled cookie cutter directly on top of the brownie, so that the shape lines up perfectly.  Take your other brownie shape, and place it on top of the ice-cream-filled cookie cutter so that the shape lines up perfectly.  Use your fingers of one hand to gently press down on the top brownie layer, while using your other hand to slide the cookie cutter up and out over the sandwich.  You may need to wiggle the cutter over the top brownie layer to make sure it slides through the cutter. 

Step 5: Voila!  You have your sandwich!  Place the sandwich immediately into the freezer.  I like to adjust the freezer setting to the coldest to ensure that they will harden and freeze perfectly.

Step 6: Keep Going!  Continue repeating Steps 3-5 above.

Step 7: Freezer to Table =)  Once you have assembled all of your sandwiches and placed them in the freezer, you can start individually wrapping them, or placing them on serving plates. 

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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How To Be a Yuppie Housewife: The Series

Despite what my previous posts may indicate, I love to cook, bake and craft.  (I also love the satisfaction I get after cleaning, but cannot go as far as to say I love cleaning itself!)  I would love to share with you my various experiments and projects! 

I call it the “How to be a Yuppie Housewife” series mainly because that is the theme of my blog, but also because a lot of these projects may stem from both the yuppie and the housewife world.  I am not an expert, but only hoping to share my successes and failures as I go along.  Hope ya’ll learn something, and I would love if you would share your tips with me, too!

First up: Delightful Ice Cream Sandwiches

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