How To: Match and Fold Socks Quickly!

It  has been a looooong time!  Things have been busy in the Yuppie household!  I’ll try to do better =)

I just learned this method of matching and folding socks, and had to share with all you laundry doers out there!  I learned it by accident, and was amazed with the results.

When I do laundry, I usually throw Yuppie Husband’s socks into a pile and save them for last (or even another day…).  Sometimes if I’m in the middle of a big pile of clean laundry, I might match and fold sporadically throughout.  But today, I tried something new.

Instead of just tossing each sock I came across into a pile, I made sure the sock was turned right-side-out, and neatly laid each sock down, with all socks in the same direction (toe-to-toe).  After I was done folding all the other laundry, I came to my nice pile of socks.  Usually it is annoying and frustrating to find each sock’s match (makes me want to go out and replace all of Yuppie Husband’s socks with the exact same type!), but today, with all the socks laying neatly in a pile, it was SO EASY to identify pairs quickly and efficiently!  One after the other, I was able to spot matches, and before I knew it, I was done! 

So I know this is kind a silly How To, but it really saved me time and frustration so I wanted to share!


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    Jessie said,

    That’s a good idea! I’ll have to try it! Thanks! I usually fold socks sporadically while I’m folding everything else. I need to get them out of the laundry basket once folded. We’ve had a basket of everyone’s socks on our bedroom floor for over a year now. It’s starting to irritate me!

  2. 2

    flipflopsandwildflowers said,

    Thanks for this post… its good to know others have sock matching issues. I have also thought about pitching my husbands socks and getting him 20 pairs of all the same. They have little subtle patterns on them that all look alike, you practically have to examine them under a microscope to find the difference! Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but it feels that way sometimes.

    You know what has worked the best for me? Please feel free to laugh… When I have a particularly big and difficult pile of socks to match, I have been known to iron them. Yes, iron them. Nothing to do with him needing wrinkle free socks (and I really don’t like to iron), but I have found that the patterns show up much better, and it really does only take a second per sock to run the iron over them. It is the only thing I have found in almost 15 years of marriage that works… when I get around to it.

    Have fun with your laundry adventures, sweaty workout clothes and all; its such a blessing to have someone to do these things for and who needs us!

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