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I love this post by Alison at Hairline Fracture!

I’ve been really obsessed with colors lately.  Certain colors out in “nature” (aka urban sprawl!) just POP out at me, and it just reminds me of how beautiful life is.  Seems to be the perfect way to describe personalities, feelings, emotions.

I think lately I’ve definitely been in a pensive, melancholy state – like a dark cerulean blue.  Is that who I am?  I used to be more of a deep cerise – outgoing, loud, silly, crazy.  Or is that who I really am?  People evolve and mature, so it would make sense that our colors would change, too.  What color do I want to be?  I think carolina blue would  be nice – peaceful, bright, cheerful, calm. 

What color represents you?  Head over to Hairline Fracture and share!  Please post a link in my comments, as well!

Here’s a list of colors to help you out!


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    Alison said,

    I just came over to say hi, and here you have linked to me–so thank you! Color is so interesting. I agree that the colors that describe us can change and evolve.

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